Your Practice, the Student, the Practitioner

The practice of yoga is essentially priceless, your greatest health insurance. With all respect to the mission of our Shala, we invite you as a new practitioner for a commitment of one month.

Welcome to Your Ashtanga Yoga Practice for Everyday Life

Beginning a Mysore practice?
We look forward to meeting you and celebrating new beginnings on and off the mat on your first day.

Day 1

Observing a Mysore class:  New to the practice, arrive between 530am- 6:00 am Monday thru Friday when Mysore practice is scheduled. 
We highly recommend having your own practice mat that is sturdy, slip free, long lasting and durable,  Please bring your yoga mat and sweat towel to practice. 
Please enter the Shala school Quietly, introduce yourself to the teacher, teacher assistant or apprentice assist and then observe for 30 minutes to become familiar with the method of the Ashtanga yoga through Mysore practice.

Day 2

Your next day when you return , if you are a beginner with no experience to Ashtanga mysore practice, please arrive at the studio between 530am to 6:00am or when advised to arrive to be taught.  Our teachers, Assistant and apprentices are here to guide you to enjoy your every journey through your yoga practice. Be mindful to rest well and relax at your practice.  If you have an established or previous experience and refreshing back to your practice,  please arrive between 5:30 am – 6:00am to allow a full practice before closing. We are honored that you have come back to return to your practice and looking forward to growing with you.   The shala closes promptly 8am, therefore please allow appropriate time for your practice to meet your needs without the stress of time constraints.

Assistant / Apprentices

Our Shala is grateful to have dedicated practitioners called to celebrate their dharma and seva work, therefore when Christina is away, our teacher assistant/studio manager, Apolo, will guide, assists, adjust, modify practice where it is safely needed to meet individual needs.   Apprentices are also a gift to our Shala-school. Apprentices will share the practice guiding new practitioners to begin their study with the method of ashtanga yoga once taught by the teacher. Apprentices are also a gift to help assist in class where needed.  Hands on experience are gifted to all teachers, teacher assistant and apprentices as part of their study aspiring to their teacher-ship. Please know that all assists and adjustments given at the shala are only from experienced and qualified readiness from our teacher assistant and apprentices.  Once you begin to feel confident memorizing your study as taught to you and flowing your meditative practice without interruptions and distractions, minimum assists and adjustments are given as this is to fully immerse you to enjoy your practice with full concentration to the 8 limbs of yoga practice.  The practice is to encourage you to be independent and not co-dependant for those assists and adjustments but to support fostering within you confidence, memory, focus and true yoga practice.


All practitioners new and established are to respect the teachings of the teacher, teacher assistant and apprentices at the Shala.  Please practice as you are taught and do not disturb your teachings and guidance by subtracting or adding postures as this can cause injury to you without proper instructions.
Arrive on an empty stomach, free from food and drinks.  Please refrain from drinking during your practice.  A nice shower before practice helps if you need a boost to wake up.  Wear comfortable appropriate modest Yoga clothing.  The room will be cozy for our bones, joints to move at 75 to 85 degrees. If you have any current or previous healing injuries or medical conditions, let the teacher, assistant and apprentice know at the beginning of each practice.  Prepare to produce sweat as this is important for purification and cleansing of toxins from our bodies.  At the end of your practice,  always take your savasana – corpse pose before heading out.  All new to the shala and the practice will be given the resource practice sheets to study and go over at home for review.
We will review each practice with the same sequence until proficient to your mind and body. From there we will grow when ready and necessary.


All practitioners are asked to devote to their practice. Minimum one month-three months , no season or occasional drops in but an expected commitment minimum 3-4 days consistently arriving for practice at the shala weekly.  Traditionally yoga is practiced daily, All are asked to take 5-6 days a week except moon days, however with respect and consideration for family life and work balance, we understand the min 3-4 days might have to be.   In time, this practice becomes a way of living bringing you to a daily practice. For the present, we will enjoy every opportunity we have with you each week. We offer practice from Sunday thru Friday, you can set your own realistic schedule between 5:30 am 600 am to arrive and take full practice and plan ahead.

Mysore Practice  

The Mysore method is the traditional way of learning the ashtanga yoga practice. It is taught within a group setting one on one. The relationship between the teacher- student develops and is an important focus in fostering trust and the ability of meet the student’s needs.  The Mysore practice allows each student the opportunity to practice at their own pace,  progressing based on their present ability  and condition with their physical, mental, emotional state of being.  The student receives and experiences the caring support, energy of the sangha-our community of practitioners as a family.   The traditional way of teaching and learning the practice of Ashtanga Yoga was shared this way as Mysore self practice method helps students to evolve, growing their independence,  confidence, responsibility to cultivating and nurturing their own practice to a devotional practice where yoga deepens its roots into lives off the mat as a way of living.   All are welcome to begin and take yoga practice, all those new to Ashtanga Yoga, and new to yoga practice begins here.

Led Full Primary Practice – Yoga Chikitsa – Guided breath and movement 

Tuesday 600am, Sunday 7am  – Where we all practice together.  Led Full Primary series, please be prompt, this is Led, by the teacher where is breath and movement are synchronized.  Everyone respectfully moving their breath with postures as it is guided by the teacher.  Please listen carefully to the teacher’s guide.  The essence of Led practice is to focus on breath, drishti, bandas flowing into a moving meditation.  The practice is cued for the purpose of building focus (drishti),  breath that is part of each pose (asana).   Led practice is not for beginners to ashtanga yoga.  It is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, therefore stamina, energy and endurance can also be of challenge for a beginner.  There are minimum instruction given in Led as Instructions are given at your Mysore self-independent practice.  Please Visit current schedule as it is subject to change.

Led Intermediate Series – Nadi Shodhana  

Thursday 6am – This class is not for beginners, practitioners should be proficient with full primary and up to Dwi papa Sirsasana of Intermediate series to take practice. Arrive 5-10 min prior to class time. Be prompt.


What to bring: Bring your yoga mat, a sweat towel, open mind, and joyful excited heart
Try to hydrate the night before, empty your bowel if needed.
Rest well the night before.
Once your practice is well-established and you feel comfortable enough to practice Mysore as early as 5:30 am you will feel energized and add more to your day.
Daily practice 5-6 days a week is the practice of yoga.

Rest and Moon Days

We Rest and there is no practice on full or new moons and Saturdays.  See the Moon Days calendar online or sheet given to you on your first visit.

Questions Contact and Policy

Additional questions about Mysore? Contact Christina or Apolo at
Please Register online with Mind Body online : studio name:  Shala Santosha Yoga
Studio Dues are to be processed promptly: Monthly, Bi-annually or Yearly is available as options.  Yoga practice teaches us accountability, honor and respect to our obligations. Therefore a recurring payment can be set online with mind body online or set a reminder. 
All dues are due monthly on the 1st of each month . If you are on vacation, please remind yourself to process either online with mind body or venmo. If you are terminating your commitment, All dues paid are non refundable, non exchangeable, non transferable, this is to honor you to commit and take care of yourself  first without placing distractions, interruptions to your practice. If you are terminating your practice from the shala completely, please email and notify 14 days to one month notice. We much Appreciate the time remaining we can spend preparing you for your next journey with another teacher or relocation. One of the greatest health insurance to yourself is a longevity of healthy mind and body. This is our Good faith relationship to motivate, encourage and support your journey consistently as an advocate and role model for your health and wellness.
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Thank You

Om Shanti.                                                                                        
Christina Martini
Founder, Owner, Director Ashtanga Shala Santosha Yoga San Francisco
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