Student Guide

The practice of yoga is essentially priceless, your greatest health insurance. With all respect to the mission of our Shala, we invite you as a new practitioner for a commitment of one month.

  • New students please email Christina is you are new to the practice at so that you can be guided on how to begin your practice we can make arrangements to meet your needs.
  • Please be prompt and arrive for this class at least 5-10 min. Late arrivals please be quiet and courteous when arriving to class.
  • Come to class hydrated however the body needs to be as empty as possible of food and drink before practice so please refrain from drinking any fluids 2 hour before class and please refrain from eating for at least 4 hours before class.
  • Please keep in mind, Shala Santosha offers you an opportunity of 2 hours daily with individual attention to your needs and guidance to your overall well being that is immeasurable in cost. Therefore your commitment to your practice and your sacred space at Shala Santosha is important in supporting our community and offering and promoting the true purpose of living with yoga practice.
  • Our mission is to bring awareness of good medicine and good health to those who  live with their practice.
  • Its it preferable  that drop ins will be reserved for visiting practitioners with an established practice or study in Ashtanga Yoga.
  • All new practitioners please note that a one month commitment is asked of you as part of our mission and commitment to the practice. Yoga is part of our daily living and lifestyle and not an exercise for the physical body alone but is also there to inspire to live  life with good health and well-being for the mind, body spirit, service, purpose,and spiritual growth.
  • The mission of Ashtanga Shala Santosha Yoga is to enrich and sustain a community of dedicated practitioners to their daily practice. To live daily their yoga practice on and off the mat into their daily lives. To instill a love for the beautiful tradition, lineage, and daily practice of the Ashtanga Yoga as we come together inspiring each other in being a part of this great yoga family.
  • For Ashtanga teachers, apprenticeship programs, please inquire via email for teacher training, apprenticeship program fees
  • All are welcome to practice with commitment. we welcome all who are ready to take yoga practice placing dedication and commitment to practice. Please email Christina if you are in need and/or qualify for studio donation from our Give back, Acts of Kindness Practice Fund scholarship.

Please note: Everyone is encouraged to bring their own personal mats. The shala has a limited number of studio mats. Thank you.