Spring Cleanse,Tilling your soil to plant yoga seeds to your everyday practice on and off the mat.

The joy of Planting New seeds to our practice garden after daily Tilling our soil is our Spring season’s study and practice.

Changing seasons is always refreshing. I love everything about season changing, each season brings uniqueness with its own character, beauty, weather, emotions, attire, and energy.  Spring is near, a beautiful time to blossom, reflect, begin anew and spring into cleanse with our practice.  I am excited daily for all of us to enjoy tilling our soil for its readiness for planting new yoga seeds so its roots, branches, vines, leaves, stems, fruits, flowers grows steady, steadfast, and strong with beauty and grace into all you do in your everyday lives.
Tilling the Soil from a dictionary means simply turning over and breaking up the soil. Exactly how deep you till and how fine you break up the soil depends on your reason for tilling. Tilling is needed if you are mixing amendments into the soil. It is also helpful if you have severely compacted soil that needs to be broken up or any type of soil that needs to be broken into finer bits for planting seeds. This process also removes weeds and undesirable roots from the soil.  Our yoga practice with the Ashtanga 8 limbs is similar to this.  How deep we till and tend to our practice soil paves the garden for a beautiful healthy blossom. Yoga Chikitsa, Yoga therapy, the rinsing, pruning, cleaning of the impurities from our mind and body, Nadi Shodhana the nerve cleansing of our mind and body to create the life we are meant to live, where we must draw closer the mind each time to our dharma, our deepest intentions, and the qualities of the Divine within.

One practice at a time, one breath at a time tendering to the growing process as our mind and body’s adapt to its always changing season. Nurturing our yoga practice to remain steadfast, rooted and trustworthy that it will always produce goodness.  In Sanskrit, there is a word ,sankalpa is that, honoring the deeper meaning of our life that evolves from within and expands to all the layers of our being and doing. Where it is explained that sankalpa speaks to the larger arc of our lives, while our dharma—our overriding purpose for being here. The sankalpa becomes a statement that we can call upon to remind us of our true nature and guide our choices.  Its truly a challenge to make a dedication, a commitment for yourself.  Like everything, it’s one step at a time with effort and will.

 I fell in love with this practice for its trueness, for it pave this amazing path for me, my life to accept my trueness. To become a better person for the greater whole because those yoga seeds planted blossoms and cultivates the mind and body to overall good health.  As we all begin in the same place on or off the mat, everyday we are tilling the soil and planting new seeds for better healthy mind, body and spirit. This powerful practice of tills and growth that we experience is something beautiful to have everyday. Waking up each new day to receive something good from The practice, our Guru, our Teacher.  The seed of sankalpa buds into this profound level of openness to just be, accept without questioning even through our self-imposed limitations, or weaknesses we begin to transform to those amazing roots, stems, leaves, branches, vines, fruits, flowers.   Pretty amazing, incredible ancient medicine. Most incredible is that anyone can practice it, magnificently designed for every type of human being, any age, any body type, any mind type, any medical conditions, illness, ailment, it has a practice to offer for all.

We have many exciting months ahead from March on to the end of the year, where the Shala’s mission is to inspiring each one who take practice to heightened your commitment to yourself.  I hope that you will find great appreciation for these opportunities to awaken your knowledge and ignite the fire of joy as you practice your yoga.

Happy Spring, remain humble, kind, compassion. Thank you for being a family to our humble Shala. Santosha means Contentment for everything regardless. My SEVA and Dharma is to share this practice and school-shala as it was passed onto me from my greatest teachers who took their time to nurture and make aware that this practice of Ashtanga Yoga is a lifetime seed that will continue to grow within us at every place of our lives every time we need it, its attainable and ready to nurture.

Everyday is another opportunity to make a difference                                            to live and breathe life healthy, begin with yourself.  
~ christina martini yoga



March 24-25,  April 21-22  , May 19-20, 2018
San Francisco
3 weekends once a month in March, April, May
Your Investment cost is priceless to your health.

Spend the weekend with beginning to plant amazing seeds to nurture, cultivate and grow deeply to strong roots and foundations for your personal yoga practice.

One priceless weekend a month for three months to gift yourself a healthy mind, body and overall well being through the full practice of yoga, its 8 limbs.

A perfect beginning for all levels.  Whether you are New to Yoga, beginners to established practice and/or aspiring teachers/teachers. Yoga is for all walks of life to take practice and enjoy.
We meet one weekend a month for 3 months on Saturday and Sunday 1pm-4pm to explore, grow, discover the profound gifts of your yoga practice to your everyday life

Looking forward to meeting and sharing your practice on and off the mat.
Much love and Gratitude,


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