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Welcome to The Shala

Ashtanga Shala Santosha Yoga, Founder,Director, practitioners, teacher, student  Christina Martini, offers you your personal practice space, where you will find contentment, joy and deepest gratitude for your practice. It is an honor to inspire and ignite one’s life with the Ashtanga yoga practice.  The shala’s dharma, seva is to touch and enrich ones life with yoga practice as a way of living for longevity of a healthy meaningful life.  The practice offers us opportunity each day to discover, grow and embrace our strength, weakness, challenges, health and wellness mentally, physically and spiritually.

All are welcome, whether you a new or experienced practitioners, everyone can take practice.  We welcome you to come celebrate your yoga journey with an open heart and mind.

The Shala (our sacred space) is dedicated to the traditional teachings of the practice through history, lineage and traditions, its rich history and teachings gifted to us from Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his son, Manju Jois.  We honor and deeply respect the traditional teaching of our senior great teachers Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff and David Williams at the shala, cultivating the practice of all their teachings, wisdoms, knowledge faithfully on and off the mat living with the practice 24/7 in everything we give and receive in this present life.
The shala shares this beautiful rich tradition from Mysore, India that emphasizes in synchronizing the whole body and mind with the power of our breath (pranayama) with the movement of postures (asana) gracefully flowing into a moving meditation in a series of postures sequenced holistically to cleanse, detox, purify and heal our whole body, mind and spirit to healthy living.

Every day is a new day, new beginning for each of us. Whatever today brings, embrace, nurture and cultivate it with honor, respect and love and allow yourself the opportunity to create a habit of a healthy mind and body.   Yoga brings us to face the all visitors that enters our daily life. There is beauty and goodness in all our being.

Lokaa Samasta Sukino Bhavantu, Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Namaste.

Student Reviews

  • Christina is truly dedicated to the practice. She welcomes all levels. If you're new to this series I'd recommend starting with taking a few led classes. For me, the voice and delivery of instructors can make or break your experience. Luckily she has the gift. Practicing Ashtanga with Christina has had an enormous impact on my daily life. I feel so fortunate to have found this studio!

    Megan L.

    via Yelp

  • We are all simply at different levels, and seeking benefits from our personal practice. I would highly recommend Shala Santosha for anyone looking to try Ashtanga, as well as the experienced Ashtangis among us. You will not regret it.

    Anastasia B.

    via Yelp

  • Her hands on adjustments and deep understanding of the Ashtanga lineage has given me a glimpse into the vast world that is Ashtanga yoga. I would highly recommend the Shala to anyone considering deepening their practice or to those who are curious about what Ashtanga really is. - Om Shanti

    Karissa J.

    via Yelp

  • Great for all levels, modifications for beginners and full postures for more advanced students. Christina demonstrates the poses more than any other teacher I've had, her sunny smile and kind words start the day off with a positive edge.

    B. Middleworth

    Graphic Designer, San Francisco

  • Christina has taught me that in yoga the impossible is possible, but to achieve the impossible determination and focus is a must. Christina is more than just a yoga instructor, she is a friend and someone who's path in life is to help others grow 🙂

    T. Sackman

    Sales, Los Angeles

  • Christina is like my mom in Ashtanga. One can feel her caring, relaxing yet happy voice once you step in the studio. Her passion for Ashtanga radiates as she guides students and teaches them how to be better in and out of the studio.

    L. Sy

    Apple IT, Daly City

  • ...Christina got to know my strengths and limitations; she finds a way to provide a great deal of personalized feedback and hands on adjustments during class...

    E Romano

    VA Medical, San Francisco Ca

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