Yoga Etiquette Shala Santosha

    Please clean your mat often, be respectful of your surroundings and listen to your teacher

  • Respect the student-teacher relationship by trusting requests or study from your teacher.
  • Unless requested by your teacher, do not add or skip postures from the traditional Ashtanga sequence.
  • For your safety and longevity of your practice, please do not take any new postures unless your teacher has requested you to do so. Stay to the traditional sequence of Primary, Intermediate or Advanced A Series.
  • Personal hygiene is considerate part of practicing yoga. Please ensure that you and your clothing and mat are clean after each practice as we do sweat quite a lot during each practice. Mats must be cleaned daily with mat cleaner is stored at the Shala.
  • Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others. Respect your limits by listening to your body with mindfulness so that you can tune into how you do feel each day because each day is different.
  • This is your Yoga Practice. A place for mindfulness and meditation. Please share the courtesy of other practicing students by keeping the conversation down throughout the studio and outside the front door. Don’t forget to turn the volume off on your cell phone before class.