Led Primary Half Series

Led Primary Half Series is a wonderful opportunity open for all to take practice. Whether you are beginning or with an established Mysore or primary series practice, this class will surely ignite and boost your day. Please be prompt, class starts promptly.   Practitioners will be guided by the teacher to synchronize the breaths with the movement of the postures.  A dynamic, energetic practice that will surely build your strength, endurance, focus, memorization, concentration, understanding of the practice of ashtanga yoga full primary series. The half series begins with sun salutations, Surya Namaskara to Navasana to traditional authentic closing sequences.

New student interested in exploring this class as a drop in is asked to register and commit to a month regular practice of Mysore self independent practice with this compliment of led primary half series. We encourage one to take Yoga practice as a way living therefore there are no drop ins to try the class, however we honor your presence to celebrate a commitment of one month to embrace the benefits and the profound transformation of what a regular daily devoted practice of yoga can bring to one’s daily life.

please refer to New student info for more information .  Om Shanti.

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