Ashtanga Led Intermediate Series

Nāḍi-Śodhana (नाडिशोधन) is the Sanskrit name for the Ashtanga Intermediate Series and can be translated as “Nerve Cleansing”.


Doors open 15 minutes before class. New students please email to ensure an open spot in the Shala

Nerve Cleansing

The Ashtanga Intermediate Series is known as Nadi Shodana – meaning Nerve Cleansing. This is because of the multitude of backbends in the series. The backbends encourage and maintain the suppleness of the spine and as well as working on opening the energy channels allowing Prana to flow freely. This series cleans the nerve paths ways of the body with a focus on the spine pelvis and hips.

This class is for yogists with a dedicated (2-6 days weekly) Ashtanga Yoga practice.



Christina Martini Closeup

Christina is dedicated to the practice and to the teaching of the method of Ashtanga Yoga. Her teaching is full of love and inspiration. She has the ability to see the individual characteristics of her students and guide them to develop their own strengths, health and wellness. Christina supports her students to go beyond, deeper into their practice with dedication and trust. Christina is also an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) and founded Shala Santosha Yoga which is a registered school RYT200 with Yoga Alliance.

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